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Picture gallery 5

Cultures of domination: picture gallery 5

The purpose of these picture collections is to show the extent to which our cultures celebrate and endorse bullying and dominance behaviour, and to make it easier to recognise (and interrupt) it.

P8030105 nipand Tuck02 C C Geom Web nipand Tuck01 C C Geom Web Nipandtuck 2composite02web 40776421 jacksongrab203 Pierced Woman G B R electrodecat D S C 0370 Swaddlingplaque04 C C Innocents Madonna02 C C Swaddlingplaque02 C C D S C N0477 Opera Gramatica01 C C Japanese Crying Babiesbrd 20 menholdupworld Manholdsupuniversevenicedsc oia election Suicide Bombbrd 4 05

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