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Confronting the love of power

Confronting the love of power

As I have mentioned in the story so far, while this inquiry is grounded in my experience of the UK psychotherapy community's open abuse of power, it was triggered by the events following 9/11, in which day by day, I felt that the love of power was being even more openly installed by the US administration as the default condition for public and international affairs.

That this American imperia was coupled to and driven by concerted political efforts by US religious communities, woke me up to the extent to which I have been lucky not to have been a victim of this pernicious and damaging worldview. The parallel with the psychotherapy communities supposed devotion to caring and sharing and their institutional bullying, continues to be telling.

What to do? Take responsibility for confronting, educating, interrupting, calling out, pointing to any and all expression of the love of power. I have also tried to see how I was complicit in this love of power, yes it was the model of relating I grew up with but more the victim end 'you can't do what you like in this life, you have to do what you are told' was a recurring theme of the working class culture into which was born.

Taking action to confront the abuse and love of power is all very well but the actions needs to be founded on an adequate awareness of the dynamic of how power is expressed and on a developed capacity for love. Otherwise, as so often still happens, the confrontations reproduce the violence of the tyranny they oppose. But it can be done. Ghandi modelled it in South africa and India, and as Jonathan Schell has pointed out, tyranny has been non-violently confronted in Poland, East Germany, Hungary and Czcheoslovakia.

Adequate awareness of how the love of power is built into the grain of the times led me to the notion of cultures of domination. And until now this has taken up most of the energy of the inquiry. For links to this material take a look at the CONTENTS.

Check out the cultures of domination picture galleries for a first glimpse/reminder of the extent to which we collude with, bystand, and tolerate, coercion, violence and bullying in the world around us.

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