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Review phase

Review phase

In the action research process, propositions form, or are negotiated, they are put into action and then follows a Review phase.

To continue the cooking metaphor, having cooked and eaten the lasagne, we consider whether it pleased us. If the enquiry intention was to learn to cook a competent lasagne and our review of its taste and texture amounts to yes OK, then we may decide that the inquiry is complete.

If the review concludes that something about the lasagne was was adrift, then an outcome of the review might be consideration of a handful of new propositions — replace the emmental cheese with mozarella! Less garlic! — followed by another action phase, making and cooking the lasagne again followed by yet another review.

Up to now this amounts to a lightly formalised version of learning-from-experience that any of us necessarily have learned to do, usually quite unconsciously. The extra elements that takes Action inquiry deeper, and make it such a powerful tool for human inquiry, are what I call the Validity checks.

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