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Action phase

Action phase

Having devised some lines of inquiry in a Proposition phase, an Action research inquiry moves on to an Action phase.

To continue the cooking metaphor from the proposition phase, having decided on the ‘recipe’, now it is a time for assembling and mixing ingredients, weighing, timing, ovens, temperatures, etc.

The Action phase in this livingfromlove inquiry started out with two propositions: How do I confront the love of power? How do I facilitate the power of love? As I have elsewhere outlined, the Action phase took the form of a blog in which I gathered evidence, thoughts, reactions on these two topics.

As often happens in such inquiries, one of the two topics, confronting the love of power, was especially engaging and led to 40+ blog entries, see this CONTENTS page for links to the items. I'll say more about the consequences of this imbalance on the Review phase page.

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