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The only miracle is life itself

The only miracle is life itself

A vital element for living from love is a deeply felt appreciation and respect for the astonishing subtlety, improbability and complexity of life. All life. And along with it the earthly resources on which life depends, and to which all life returns. Holding this in the foreground of daily life can provide a dynamic moral compass for living from love. Through keeping life’s interdependence in focus, it feeds compassion caring, and mutuality.

Signing up to the sacredness of all life as a core value, or belief, also implies a commitment to action to uphold this principle, a task in which there are many obstacles to be confronted.

The pressing and non-negotiable needs of daily life can function like a very bright light that pushes the sacredness of life into the shadows. Faced with a slight, or an imagined rejection, we fill with rage, anxiety or sadness. The prior value of living tissue is lost in the urgency for vengeance or retribution. Our Cultures of domination thrive on a disconnect between a belief that might is right and failure to notice the damage to life that results. Life style shopping, that increasingly separates style from content, can mean that we buy into sacredness without a commitment to living it.

Like the recurring task of ‘being here now’, holding to the over-arching value of the sacredness of life is a continuing task, to be recovered when it slips into the shadows.

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