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Letting the Heart Sing

Letting the heart sing

Letting the heart sing means a capacity to trust ourselves to be joyful, zesty, and feisty, comprehensively connected, both within and without, to the life around us.

If this capacity to let the whole person be connected into the fullout expression of delight and pleasure has never been modeled, we may grow up not knowing such joy can exist and we may feel threatened by such fullout expressions of vitality. And it can be scared or shamed into silence and rigidity.

While I wish I could support those who believe that, once lost, affirmations and willful positivity can reinstall this capacity, it has been my experience that joy and delight, the ‘Zizz’, as I like to call it, emerge of themselves in a life where redundant and distressed learning (trauma) have been adequately dealt with.

The ‘Zizz’ is most obviously and directly expressed through singing, and Letting the Heart Sing became the title for a talk I have given many times for teachers of singing, which outlined some of the steps we can take to recover the ‘Zizz’ if we have lost it. You can find an extended account in the CDROM version of my last book Letting the Heart Sing – The Mind Gymnasium.

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