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‘Love thy body as thyself’

Living from love requires the healing or dissolution of any split in us between body and mind. It means experiencing ourselves, our thoughts, intuitions, emotions and feelings, including those triggered by people and events around us, as arising from, or conditioned by our embodiment, as integral with it.

The nerve pathways of the skin and skeleton, the neuronal jelly of the brain, the harvesting of digestion, the blood circulation with its hormonal signaling, and the breath, constitute an integrated, coherent system which is intrinsically intelligent. Homeostatic monitoring constantly balances inner bodily priorities and negotiates between us and our environment.

To chisel off mind from the astonishing improbability and infinitely complex subtleties of this integral, living bodymind, to see bodies as inferior, disgusting, sinful, or lustful, entails inner and outer violence, and regimes of coercion that violate the sacredness of life, and that undermine living from love.

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