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Elements of Living From Love

Elements of living from love

I have had a lot to say earlier in this inquiry about several spiritual traditions and why globally, if not always locally, I am sceptical of them. I have begun to feel that I should look at what I believe to be a more fruitful approach, where if you like, my faith might be invested.

Time for a review then. The initial proposition of this enquiry has been investigating the prevalence of coercion, force and domination and why and how they seem to make living from love difficult to impossible. The Action phase has mainly been investigating cultures of domination over the last 18 months or so, now it is time to gather the learnings what this reveals about living from love.

As you'd expect from an Action research inquiry, this may be a somewhat haphazard process. I'll start by trying to list some of the elements that have emerged, beliefs, values and principles, which seem to be essential to baking love afresh every day.

Baking love afresh every day
Life lived as an enquiry
Embracing learning from experience.
Holding, and returning to, awareness of process.
Emotional competence
A capacity to include feeling and emotion as key aspects of intelligence.
Letting the Heart Sing
Living wholeheartedly, engaging fully with what presents itself.
The only miracle is life itself
Respect for, and valuing of, all life forms.
Be here now
The present moment is all there is.
The practice of being in the present moment.
Living with, and from, the felt integration of body and mind.
The human connection for which gestures and words are vehicles.
Empathy and difference
Valuing and tolerating difference. Empathy for others.
The dance of distinctness and fusion of living together.
The celebration of transitions and commitment, and the invocation of participation.
Community and group participation
Showing up, keeping in touch, taking responsibility, negotiating, following through.
Satyagraha - positive programme
Creating institutions founded on living from love.

The Gymnastic Principle
Exercising as a way of attending to development - underdevelopment.

Survival, recovery and flourishing
The Transpersonal
Intersections of the personal, political and ecolological
Power weather
Being aware that there are no power-free zones. Owning our power and powerlessness.
Refusing to tolerate the intolerable.
No aspect of daily life is free of trance inductions.

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