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Facilitating the power of love

Facilitating the power of love

All you need is love—love is all you need

John Lennon's words rang like a bell for me long before I had any idea how to put them into action.

When so much has been written and said and sung about love, what is there left that is worth the breath? No doubt love will hang in the air for future generations as it has in the past, something wished for, desired but not actual, more evident in the lack than as lunch on the table.

And yet to know how to invoke the power of love seems an essential human capacity. Being in love is richly satisfying, even ecstatic, the lack, or loss of love, agonizingly painful. Is it forever a human intangible like its close relatives, rapport or empathy, that is expressible only through poetry song and music? Would inquiring into love kill it? Is it, like religious faith, a spellbinding trance that once examined evaporates? Given the depth to which heritage religion dominates the soulwaves, is it possible to extricate love from its grip?

I have some propositions about facilitating the power of love, bringing love into life, that have shaped this inquiry so far and which are up for validation or challenge.

Love is a fruit of human flourishing.

People who are struggling to survive or recover from trauma may have little or no love to give, but respond to being loved

Love is active, it takes effort, it can be like having a second job

Love is not static, a kind of emotional weather that if we are lucky descends on us, graces us with its presence.

Love requires commitment it means ‘showing up’

Love is greatly enhanced when it is mutual

Being in love, with life, doesn't require a lover

Being in love means a life baked afresh everyday, in every moment

Love is a dance between fusion and distinctness

Just as helping ourselves and other to survive life difficulties, or emerge from trauma, is becoming better understood in this generation. Might not flourishing, learning how to love and be loved, through an extension of a similar experiential learning approach also become better understood?

You'll find in Confronting the love of power a lot about what detracts from and undermines our capacity to love and be loved, and in Elements of living from love a growing collection of material that aims to point to specifics, recipes, proposals,

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