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Living from love:

an Action Research inquiry

I guess you may be a person who knows that living from love has always been essential for individual flourishing and now looks vital for human survival, and who, like me, wants to be better at it.

Perhaps, like me, you ask yourself why do so many people buy into the antithesis of love – bullying and domination? Why do we bystand it? Or fail to interrupt or confront it? Why do we ignore the damage and traumatization that abuse of power causes? This Action Research Inquiry is for anyone who, like me, is having a hard time figuring this out.

You've landed on this page at a point in time when there are about 50 items of evidence, study, experience and review. Check out the CONTENTS for links to the earlier (blog format) stages of the inquiry.

livingfromlove has grown out of g.o.r.i.l.l.a., a web-site begun ten year ago as a focus for resisting the abuse of power in the work I do, psychotherapy. That is still a necessary task but it became overshadowed by the need to confront the abuse of power on the wider political stage. OK, perhaps this is nothing new but events of the last 10 years have sharpened all our perspectives.

The material of the inquiry is presently organised in several strands:

  1. Facilitating the power of love – by what means can we enhance, install and promote living from love?

  2. Confronting the love of power – what stops, interrupts, or disallows living from love?

  3. Making sense — current perspectives

  4. The Action research inquiry process

If this is a project that interests you, take an account and contribute, if that feels too public, you can email livingfromlove at the address below:

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